Scar mobilization

For some time, it has been quite common to search and see information about methods of “treating” scars. Until recently, there was no awareness that unrehabilitated scars can be harmful. Physical therapists didn’t work on scar mobility either.

One of the women’s most significant and common scars is the Caesarean section scar. However, in the era of surgical operations, many people struggle with various imperfections – they heal differently. Incorrectly healing scars can lead to the formation of a restriction in the mobility of soft tissue, which in turn leads to an increase in pain and a reduction in the proper functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

Physiotherapy, in addition to manual methods such as mobilization, manual massage, instrument massage and kinesiotaping patches, offers physiotherapy treatments that help treat scars. Such treatments include electrostimulation, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, phototherapy, and laser therapy. The latest method, however, is injecting the scar with platelet-rich plasma.