How to book an Appointment in RehabActiv on-line?


Choose Serivices

Familiarize yourself with the services it provides and go to the Power Diary system by clicking the "make an appointment" or ''click here to book an online appointment button. If this is your first visit, select "initial appointment"

Check avaliable appointment

If you do not already have an account with the Power Diary service, please create an account using your email address and your phone number. Thanks to this, you will have access to the entire calendar and you will be able to check the appointments booked and those that have already taken place. The service also sends reminders about the upcoming visit via email and SMS.

Make an appointment

If you already have an account on Power Diary, click the "book appointment" icon, then select the type of service you are interested in, e.g. "initial appointment", select the day and time, then proceed to the payment of the deposit after which you will receive confirmation of the booked visit to your e-mail address -email.