Physiotherapy in Corby

What makes RehabActive different?

At RehabActiv (Physiotherapist in Corby), we specialise in providing state of the art physiotherapy for those with stress and mobility issues. Injuries, repetitive movements and even daily life can cause damage to the body resulting in pain and reduced performance in daily and sporting activities. Physiotherapy can help alleviate pain, restore your activity levels and prevent further problems.

Our Expert, personalised and convenient physiotherapy provides treatment to support active lifestyles and aid recovery.

 Our services focus on combining into one methodology:

As registered HCPC Physiotherapists, we are trained to diagnose a wide range of medical conditions and treat and manage many neuro-musculoskeletal conditions. If there is a suspicion of any underlying non-treatable conditions, we will work with you to plan the best way forward, often in cooperation with your GP or Hospital in your area.

What Can be treated in Our Clinic?

A wide range of physical problems can be treated. Some examples are shown below:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Golf’s Elbow
  • Occupational injuries
  • Knee chronic pain
  • Arthritis and mobility problems
  • Joint and muscle injuries
  • Trapped nerves and sciatica
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Whiplash and postural problems
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation

Physiotherapy can also be effective for several other conditions such as: jaw pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, discopathy, scoliosis, tinnitus, flat feet, and balance problems.

Our services

Kinesiotaping – dynamic taping

It is a therapeutic method, which was only used to treat athletes at the beginning but for some time now it has been used on daily basis by physiotherapists all over the world…

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Kinetic Control Therapy

It is a diagnostic and therapeutic method aimed to address complex mobility issues. It is advisable for patients with painful or limited mobility. I use this method in sharp pains as well as in chronic conditions.

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Mulligans Manual Therapy

It is a specialized diagnostic and therapeutic method which constantly evolves together with medicine’s progress and research. It is a type of joint mobilisation treating joints directly, and neuromuscular system indirectly.

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Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasounds are sound waves with a frequency of 20 kHz – 1 GHz. This frequency is too high to be heard by the human ear. A human being is able to hear sounds in the frequency range 16 – 20,000 Hz. However, higher frequency sound waves are audible for certain types of animals, such as bats, dolphins or dogs.

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Biostimulation laser therapy

Treatment with laser radiation is a safe method of physical therapy that causes regenerative processes in the tissues. Treatments are painless and safe, therefore they can be used both in the case of chronic diseases and in subacute and acute conditions.

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Shockwave Therapy

The shock wave is a phenomenon known to all of us. In nature, it is caused by lightning and is easy to hear from many kilometres away. An airplane crossing the sound barrier also produces a shockwave. A shock wave is a mechanical or acoustic wave – with a low frequency of 16 to 20 Hz.

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Magnetotherapy is a physical medicine procedure that enables treatment with a magnetic field. This method uses the positive effect of an alternating magnetic field at low frequencies on the body. Unlike magnetostimulation, it uses a magnetic field of higher intensity in a continuous or pulse mode.

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Electrotherapy is a field of physical therapy that treats diseases of the neuromuscular system with the use of currents. During electrotherapy treatments, the therapeutic effect of appropriately selected direct, alternating or impulse current is used. Depending on the patient’s ailments and the expected effect, the type of current, its intensity and frequency should be selected.

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My name is Ewelina and I have a Masters Degree in physiotherapy. I have worked with patients since 2008. Becoming a physiotherapist was a very conscious decision.

It is my passion and I cannot imagine doing anything else. I completed many additional courses in this field and I constantly feel the need to expand my knowledge.

I am registered with Health and Care Professionals Council and also I am a member of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, what gives me the opportunity to work in England as a fully qualified physiotherapist.