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If you choose one of the packages, you will save money in the longer term by opting for a packaged option than you would on a session-to-session basis. For longer-term presentations such as frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), post-surgery condition, chronic pain, persistent nerve pain, and some arthritic presentations, I recommend an individually prescribed treatment plan that is better suited for you. Alternatively, you can access our services on a session-to-session basis; you will still receive the same high-quality physiotherapy service and care.


Kobido massage package

The effects after the Kobido massage are sensational. Naturally, with a special intensive massage, we improve the appearance of your skin tone and eliminate wrinkles and signs of ageing. So that you can use the massage more often, I present packages that will help you save money.


Kobido massage package

Total cost: £800

Package of 10 massages

2x weekly Kobido Massage



To beautify your face and naturally eliminate the signs of ageing with Kobido massage, contact us via WhatsApp or phone.


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