What is Kinesiotaping?

Kinesiotaping, or dynamic taping, is a therapeutic method used only in athletes. However, it is still used by physiotherapists worldwide in working with patients suffering from various ailments. Kinesiotaping relieves pain, increases muscle strength and relieves joints. In the field of kinesiotaping, the lymphatic method is used, which is used, for example, in women after mastectomy, in cosmetology and in working with a scar.

Kinesiotaping the healing effect of properly selected direct

  • Back pain syndromes, e.g. overload changes, degenerative changes, sciatica.
  • Pain syndromes, e.g. tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, knee problems.
  • Injuries and contusions, e.g. sprained ankle, sprained joint, pulled/torn muscles.
  • Scars, e.g. after caesarean section, hematomas.
  • Disorders of the lymphatic system such as oedema, rehabilitation of women after pregnancy, and muscle strengthening during damage to the rectus abdominis muscles (often after childbirth).



  • extensive bruising and large hematomas,
  • ailments related to scars, in particular postoperative scars,
  • nerve palsy, e.g. facial nerve palsy, trigeminal nerve palsy,
  • joint problems, e.g. limited joint mobility, after implantation of a knee joint endoprosthesis,
  • swelling, e.g. of the legs,
  • gynaecological diseases, pregnancy pains, menstrual pains,
  • lymphatic drainage in women after mastectomy,
  • all types of orthopaedic diseases,
  • sciatica, back pain during pregnancy,
  • scoliosis,
  • disease of the intervertebral disc (discopathy),
  • paresis of the limbs,
  • sprains and sprains of the ankle, knee joint,
  • inflammation of the Achilles tendon,
  • rib injuries,
  • degenerative joint diseases,
  • damage, pain and muscle strains,
  • sports physiotherapy,
  • tennis elbow,
  • golfer’s elbow,
  •   calcaneal spur,
  • jumper’s knee,
  • a painful shoulder.

Kinesiotaping can also be used preventively. As a preventive measure, it reduces the risk of injury.


  • open wounds or skin irritations,
  • inflammations and infectious diseases of the skin: bacterial, viral, fungal,
  • allergic reaction of the skin to the patches.


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