Carpal tunnel syndrome

Many patients coming to me with pain and numbness of the hand or both hands claim that they have carpal tunnel syndrome because such information appeared in the internet search engine.

Unfortunately, very often, I do not confirm this diagnosis. Knowing that the median nerve innervates the thumb, first, second and third fingers, and more precisely, it’s half on the palmar side. As mentioned above, the median nerve also innervates the tips of the fingers, slightly overlapping the dorsal part. Diagnostic tests must be performed to determine what is wrong with the patient, and other causes must be ruled out. Occasionally do additional diagnostic tests.

Patients complain of lack of hand strength, inability to close the hand or hold even a light object, temperature changes in the fingers, tingling and numbness, and stiffness of the fingers – especially at night. Pain in the cervical spine is also often felt. After presenting such symptoms – I, as a physiotherapist, still cannot tell what is wrong with the patient – the more so I cannot diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome. So if you are struggling with such ailments, do not wait; visit a physiotherapist because ignoring the symptoms can only harm you.