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Scar mobilization

For some time, it has been quite common to search and see information about methods of “treating” scars. Until recently, there was no awareness that unrehabilitated scars can be harmful. Physical therapists didn’t work on scar mobility either.

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Carpal tunnel syndrome

Many patients coming to me with pain and numbness of the hand or both hands claim that they have carpal tunnel syndrome because such information appeared in the internet search engine.

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Work in home office mode?

With the development of the pandemic, the number of people performing remote work has increased, which has resulted in an increased number of patients complaining of spinal pain – especially cervical.

The interview with patients shows that only some people have a well-adjusted ergonomic workplace. A negligible number of people are also aware of the risks of sedentary work.If we feel pain, it means that inflammatory cells have already appeared that give us a signal that something is not as it should be.

How to fix it?
I recommend a visit to a physiotherapist who, after an interview and examination of the patient, will apply analgesic and relaxing therapies and present exercises to help avoid more significant and frequent pains.

During office work, we can also exercise to support our tense muscles and joints.

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Mulligan’s therapy

Due to its effectiveness, Brian Mulligan’s manual therapy has found an established position in my physiotherapy practice. He uses this technique for a sprained ankle or, for example, weakened mobility in the cervical spine.

An undoubted advantage of this method is working in the functional position of the treated joint. In addition, the therapy can be used alone, and the treatment lasts only a few minutes or in combination with other methods used daily during a physiotherapy visit.

Should the “unset” ankle joint be left without mobilisation? Or not work on the lack of mobility in the neck?

Joints with reduced mobility should be improved and rehabilitated – otherwise, the problems will only increase, and changes from the level of soft tissues will turn into permanent structural changes.

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